make sure

you're warm

this winter

be ready for winter

It’s starting to cool down and now is the time to be prepared. Book your heating system service.

DON’T wait for the heating and hot water to break down; have it checked now so you have it sorted for when you really need it! If your heating or hot water systems malfunction in the middle of winter, you may have to wait for parts and availability.

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Stay healthy, happy and warm this winter by checking your:


Keeping the heating system up and running is more efficient. If your systems stops working for some reason and it cools down, it will take a lot of energy (and money) to reheat the floor.


It is not fun to run out of hot water in the middle of the shower, in the middle of winter!


If your gas fire is the only source of heating, it is important that you get it checked and serviced so you won’t be left freezing in our colder months.


Is your solar hot water safe from freezing, and operating at maximum efficiency? Best get this checked before winter.


We can help:

  1. Call for a service and system check

  2. We will outline any possible issues and make recommendations where needed

  3. We provide results after testing

  4. We will make a follow-up and check-in call


We book up fast, so don’t delay. Call us now on 0800 467 886 or contact so we can get you booked in before winter.